Summer vacation is incredible. The weather is perfect for the beach, waterparks, window shopping, patios, the vitamin D alone has you all smiles. Treasure Bay Resort & Marina wants to keep you smiling with six summer travel tips to make your life easier.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is so important, especially in the summer. You don’t want to leave yourself prey to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Heat exhaustion can cause headache, sweating, and cramping – no fun. What’s also no fun? Having to stay inside while everyone else is out and about because you forgot to drink enough water. Beat the heat with cool, refreshing water.

Don’t forget about the sunscreen

You know where we’re going with this hot tip. You didn’t put on sunscreen and now you have the worst sunburn of all time. You can barely move, you have to wear long sleeves and long pants, and there’s no amount of aftersun in the world that can save you. This has happened to all of us and far too many times. Every summer, it’s like we’ve never experienced the sun. Don’t forget to apply and reapply sunscreen after sport. Don’t be the beet red tourist.

Dress in layers: pack summer clothing but take some light jackets

Summer packing

Weather can be unpredictable even in the summer when it’s meant to be nice. It can be excruciatingly hot outside or bitterly cold on the inside thanks to air conditioning. Hot summer days can also turn into cold summer nights. And if you skipped tip number two, a sunburn would leave you even colder at night. Bring layers to keep you comfortable. If you’re too cold while exploring, you won’t want to stay out. Treasure Bay Resort & Marina wants you to make the most of your time here!

Take Vitamin C

Vitamin C is awesome for your immune system which is tested in crowds like airports and attractions. Take vitamin C to keep your natural defensive force defending!

Get Travel insurance

With these uncertain times, travel insurance is necessary. Travel insurance protects you from cancelled/delayed flights, lost/stolen baggage, and hotel cancellations. Make at least one part of your trip certain – your protection.

Understand your destination country

No matter where you are travelling this summer, domestic or international, be advised of vaccination requirements. Something else to be aware of is water quality. It may differ from what you’re used to and tap water may or may not be safe to drink. Changes in time zone or elevation may take a toll on your body causing headaches, fatigue, or stomach upset. Bring a first aid kit with you of medications you may not find in your destination like Advil or Pepto Bismol. Familiarize yourself with the laws of your destination. Some may surprise you and not in a good way if you accidentally find yourself with a heavy-duty fine (or worse, in jail)!

Stay at Treasure Bar Resort & Marina

Woman on a beach

Visit Treasure Island, Florida where the true treasure lies in our beaches, water parks, shopping centres, food and drink. For our water sport enthusiasts, paddleboard or kayak in Boca Ciega Bay. When you stay with us, you have the exclusive use of our own Treasure Bay Marina. This can be used to dock your own boat for fishing too! Our front desk can help you with bicycle rentals to explore even more of TI like Madeira Beach or St. Jon’s Pass Village. Whether you’ve shopped ‘til you’ve dropped or taken advantage of our fitness room for a heart-pumping workout, recuperate in our resort-style jacuzzi. If you get too warm, the pool is only steps away to cool off. Book your stay with us for our best rate guarantee. Book a room for three nights and get 30% off your entire stay. Book at least a week in advance for 25% off and 20% off when you book directly through us.