8 Reasons Treasure Island, FL Is the Hottest New Girls’ Getaway

You deserve a break and what better way to spend it than with your best friends on a sandy shore in Florida? Sure, there are lots of choices in Florida but none as perfect as Treasure Island. Even the name speaks to adventure! So, call your girls, pack your bags, and head to Treasure Island for all the fun.

Gorgeous Weather

Warm sun on your skin, sun’s rays dancing off the water, the bluest skies…our weather is often described as Groundhog Day down here. Most days are 92 and sunny. Lots of beach time for you and your ladies.

Cool Drinks

There is nothing like an ice-cold drink on a warm day and we have many bars and restaurants that serve up some of the most beautiful and tasty drinks around. You could spend a whole weekend sampling our fruity concoctions.

Spa Services

Whether your ideal spa service is performed indoors in somber, relaxing lighting or you long to listen to sea gulls during your massage, we have tons of wellness options indoors and performed on the beach.

Unusual Classes

Our Treasure Island rec center and other venues often host fun classes. You and your girlfriends might be able to take a hula lesson, enjoy yoga on the beach, or try a cooking class together. If you have an interest, we likely have a class or group you can try.

Wineries and Craft Beer

Ever taste wine made from blueberries? What about oranges? We’re very adventurous with our fruit down here. These tasty drinks are not only beautiful but are often served chilled, which makes them even more appealing.

In addition to different types of wine, the St. Pete area is known for its craft beers and distilleries. Some of the brewers do some creative things with fruit as well.

Art Strolls

Art is everywhere. From murals and street art to charming studios and award-winning museums, if you and your gal pals love beautiful things, Treasure Island is a great place to enjoy them.

Colorful Retail Whimsy

We have wonderful beachy boutiques with colorful jewelry, accessories, home décor, and other ways to bring more brilliant colors into your life. If this year has had you down in the dumps, let us brighten things up for you.

Fresh Cuisine

Our restaurants offer inventive fusion dishes that are inspired by unconventional ethnic pairings. We also have vegan and vegetarian places as well as Mediterranean and other cuisine. There’s something for everyone. Plus, you’ll find some of the freshest seafood you’ve ever eaten. Don’t miss our famous stone crabs (in season from October – May). Florida is the number one fishery of these delicious crustaceans.

Whew! Are you excited about this place or what? There’s one more thing that is critical to the perfect girl’s getaway and that’s location, location, location. You don’t want to stay somewhere that means most of your time is spent in the car driving to the fun. You want to be in the middle of it!

At Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, you have easy access to everything our area has to offer—beaches, food, drinks, relaxation, spa services, and retail. Best of all, while you’re close to everything, you’ll also love the peaceful surroundings at our resort. Our hotel and its tropical grounds are perfect for those special moments spent with your besties. The water views from our balconies feel like your very own piece of paradise. After all, we know the best part of a girl’s weekend is your girlfriends and the quality time you spend together. We’re here to help you maximize that time. If you’re celebrating something special, let us know. We’ll do what we can to accommodate you.

Just remember, when booking your vacation add an extra day at the end before you have to go back to normalcy. You’ll need at least 24 hours once you’re home to get over what we call here “disappointing view disorder” where your longing for the beach can be so intense, the only thing that can cure it is booking your next trip here.

We’ll see you soon.