Florida is a bird lover’s paradise, and Treasure Bay Resort provides the perfect jumping off point to watch hundreds of unique species in their natural habitat.  Bird enthusiasts and novices alike tend to “flock” to Florida each year to try and spot birds that call Florida home year round or are just passing through on migration.

Whether you are on a sun break, holiday, or spring break, consider visiting one of the below destinations when you need a break from the beach. If you happen to be an enthusiastic birder, you can’t beat these parks for viewing opportunities.  If not, each park is worth a visit for its beauty alone.

Fort De Soto Park

In the birding world, Fort De Soto Park is world famous.  This park is made up of five islands, a total of 1,136 acres, and a plethora of ecosystems that are home to hundreds of different species of birds.  This park comes to life with birdsong at dawn and dusk and, during the winter months, is a great spot to spot avian visitors on migration!

Located a short drive from Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, you should definitely pencil in a visit during your sun break, holiday, or spring break in Florida.


Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

While much smaller than Fort De Soto, the 245-acre Boyd Hill Nature Preserve boasts three miles of trails and is part of the Great Florida Birding Trail.  Take part in guided hikes or wander the five ecosystems on your own and see how many unique bird species you can spot!

Located in St. Petersburg, only a only a hop, skip, and jump from Treasure Bay Resort, Boyd Hill Park makes for a great addition to any Florida vacation. 


Shell Key Preserve

110 acres of Shell Key Preserve, considered one of Florida’s most crucial areas for shorebirds, has been set aside for bird preservation given the amount of shorebirds that use the area for nesting, and wintering.  Many different species of water birds arrive by the thousands in winter to their Shell Key seasonal home. Only accessible by boat or kayak, this barrier island is well worth a visit.


Florida has a lot going for it, and toward the top of that list is the state’s natural beauty.  Whether you are a birding enthusiast, casual observer, or just enjoy the great outdoors, the above three parks provide a great alternative to your relaxing beach vacation at Treasure Bay Resort.  

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