Too many people on vacation feel a sense of urgency or need to rush.  Aren’t you on staying at Florida beach resorts to avoid those things?  At Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, one of the best beach resorts in Florida, our best advice to guests is to slow things down, take a deep, breath, and relax!  Some of the best Florida vacations are those where vacationers simply kick back and enjoy what Treasure Island has to offer at a leisurely pace.  

Of course, one of the best ways to do that is to put a beer in your hand! While you are staying at your Florida beach resorts, check out these local spots that are brewing some of the most relaxing elixir on the Florida Gulf Coast!

Visit St. Pete Beach’s First Craft Brewery!

Conveniently located in the heart of St. Pete Beach, and down the road from Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, is the first craft brewery and tasting room on St. Pete Beach.

 Mastry’s Brewing Company was founded in 2014 and expanded two years later into it’s current state as local favorite watering hole!

By taking exotic twists on traditional styles, Mastry’s has made a name for itself both locally and on the national scale!  This is an absolute must visit while you are visiting beach resorts in Florida.

Mad Beach Craft Brewing Company – The Perfect Haunt, Day or Night

Just up the coast from Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, between Treasure Island and Madeira Beach, is Mad Beach Craft Brewing Company – another local favorite establishment.  Mad Beach prides itself on brewing the perfect combination of beach worthy days beers and high gravity evening ales.  

Beyond delicious drinks, Mad Beach also boasts a mouthwatering menu specializing in Caribbean and southern fare.  

Just a hop, skip, and jump from most Treasure Island resorts, a stop here is a surefire way to turn your winter escape into one of the best Florida vacations ever.

Head over to St. Petersburg for a Full Craft Brewery Experience

Our two local craft breweries satisfy most of our Treasure Island vacationers but, if you are a true beer lover, consider heading to St. Petersburg for a full craft beer experience.  Beer lovers can easily spend days exploring the different breweries just across the peninsula from Treasure Bay Resort and Marina.  

There’s a reason this area has affectionately been dubbed “The Gulf Coast”


The best Florida vacations are relaxing, and there is no better way to kick back than with a cold craft beer in hand.   There is a delicious craft brewery near most Florida beach resorts and a lot in close proximity to Treasure Bay Resort and Marina.  Book your room today, and belly-up for some of the best beer that The Sunshine State has to offer!