There are countless reasons to book a Treasure Island resort for a warm Florida escape this winter.  People visit hotels on Treasure Island from all over the world to experience the weather, beaches, and way of life that our special corner of The Sunshine State has to offer. Some folks visit Florida as seafood connoisseurs and, whether or not that is why you are looking for hotels in Treasure Island, trying some local seafood is certainly something we here at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina recommend to all of our visitors.  Check out these local restaurants for some of the best fresh seafood in the Treasure Island area.

Some of the Best Seafood Found Right Next Door to your Treasure Island Resort

Trip Advisor’s top ranked local seafood restaurant just so happens to be literally right next door to Treasure Bay Resort and Marina.  Middle Grounds Grill bills itself as “casual, fun, and family friendly with an upscale atmosphere,” and the delicious seafood coming out of the kitchen is definitely something to write home about.  Each year countless visitors staying in hotels on Treasure Island will flock to Middle Grounds Grill to see why this place holds the top spot for seafood in the area.  They are never disappointed.

Unassuming Outward Appearance with World-class Seafood Inside

Don’t let the outer façade of Shrimpy’s Blues Bistro fool you.  Located a short quarter mile walk from Treasure Bay Resort and many other Treasure Island beach hotels, Shrimpy’s is not to be missed. While it may look underwhelming from the street, the energy, atmosphere and, above all else, seafood inside will do nothing short of impress.  Serving only wild caught seafood from the Gulf, the kitchen here prides itself on local recipes to pair with their native ingredients.   

Something for the Whole Family Near your Hotels in Treasure Island

Just a mile and a half up the coast from your Treasure Island resort is Madeira Beach and a quintessential Florida dining experience.  The Boardwalk Grill is a quaint little restaurant perfect for the whole family.  Not only does it boast some of the best seafood near hotels on Treasure Island, but it also has a wide-ranging menu to accommodate for every pallet.  What really makes The Boardwalk Grill stand out, however, is its atmosphere.  As you may have guessed, this small escape sits on the boardwalk in Madeira Beach and offers diners picturesque outdoor seating allowing you to maximize your time in that famous Florida sun.  

These are just three of our favorite places for seafood near Treasure Island beach hotels, but there are countless delicious options up and down the coast. Here at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, we’re always looking for the next hot spot to grab some local fish, and we love getting recommendations from visiting guests at hotels in Treasure Island. So, head to The Sunshine State, spend your days relaxing on the beach, and grab some local seafood by night to make your Florida Gulf Coast vacation complete.