While Treasure Bay Resort and Marina is the perfect Florida beach vacation escape for the entire family, it is also an ideal romantic getaway with plenty of unique options for a Treasure Island date night or a date night in St. Pete nearby. Vacationing on the beach already comes with a touch of romance, and below are a handful of unique ways to make your Florida beach vacation that much more special for you and your significant other!

Cabana Bar

One of our favourite Treasure Island date night options is right here at our very own Treasure Bay Resort and Marina. Our Cabana Bar boasts some of the best sunset views in the entire state, and when coupled with top-notch dining, fancy wine and cocktails, and a welcoming sun deck there is no better place to have a romantic evening on the Florida coast.

Local Museums

To add a little culture to a date night in St. Pete look no further than the Dali or Chihuly Museum. Whether you are into surrealism or mind-bending glass sculptures, these two museums offer some of the most impressive art installations in Florida and make for the perfect place to take a date.

Helicopter Tour

If you are looking for an exciting St. Pete date night – or are hoping to try something new with your significant other – take a helicopter tour over the Gulf Coast. Not only will a helicopter ride get your heart racing but, once you settle in, you will enjoy unrivalled views of the coastline, ocean, and surrounding communities.

Sunken Gardens

Botanic garden

Nothing spells romance like flowers, and why settle for a bouquet when you can visit the famous Sunken Gardens in Old St. Petersburg. The sprawling gardens boast over 50,000 tropical plants and flowers and make for a perfect addition to a dinner night in downtown St. Pete.

Boat Tours

We would be remiss to recommend Treasure Island date night options and not suggest getting out on the water. Boat tours are a great way to experience the Gulf, escape the crowds, and enjoy each other’s company in a quiet, remote, and romantic setting. Pack a picnic and swimming suit and you can spend the whole day under the Florida sun, or stay out a bit later and soak up a sunset from the water.

Craft Beer Tasting

If letting loose and enjoying quality beer is your thing, consider doing a craft beer tour in Treasure Island, St. Pete, and the surrounding area. There is a growing craft beer scene in our little corner of Florida, and each brewery offers a unique menu and ambiance influenced by the relaxed energy and bright spirit of The Sunshine State.

As you plan your Florida beach vacation, don’t forget to pencil in some time for dedicated date nights. There are countless options around our little slice of paradise, and the staff at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina love nothing more than helping turn vacation dreams into realities. Give us a call for suggestions or to book your room today!