Where to go to add some Surfing to your Treasure Island Vacation

Florida beaches offer something for everybody when they visit on a Treasure Island vacation.   From making castles and playing in the sand for the little ones to catching a tan and sipping on cocktails for adults, your Treasure Island vacation is sure to offer something for the entire family.  For those more driven by adrenalin and adventure, you can also fill your Treasure Island vacation and stay at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina with a plethora of water sports. While it can admittedly be hard to find good surf on the Gulf Coast of Florida, there are a handful of spots to catch a wave.  If that is something that appeals to you, check out one of the below breaks and try your hand at hanging ten!

Sunset Beach

Just a five-minute drive down the road from Treasure Bay Resort and Marina is the beautiful Sunset Beach and the nearest place where you can catch a wave.  Waves at Sunset Beach are typically mellow and offer a good place to surf for beginners. Even if the ocean is delivering a swell, however, this picturesque beach town is worth a visit.  

Complete with tiki huts, white sand, beachfront bars, and the attitudes that accompany such an aesthetic, Sunset Beach is the iconic place for your Florida vacation.



Not to be confused with California’s more eccentric Venice Beach, the Venice in Florida is a laid-back beach town that beckons visitors from around the world.  About an hour south of your Treasure Island vacation, Venice boasts 14 miles of white sand beaches and an architecture and layout similar to Italy’s city of the same name.  

Venice, Florida also happens to be one of the best places to surf on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Whether you are looking for a lesson or are more experienced in the water, when the waves in Venice are good you’re guaranteed to have a great day in the water.



Bradenton Beach, located a quick forty minute drive from Treasure Island, is home to Cortez Beach and the surf break that accompanies it.  The break is referred to as Twin Piers, named for the two piers that bracket the waves rolling ashore Cortez Beach.

The waves may not always come in clean, but the beach provides a really fun place to splash around regardless!  And, when they do come in, Twin Piers provides one of the best surf spots in the region.


No matter what you are seeking on your Treasure Island vacation, our staff at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina can help you find it.  From lazy day games and activities to surfing and adventure sports, let us help you turn this vacation into one you will never forget!

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