How can you help Florida in the wake of Hurricane Irma?

The damage and destruction of Hurricane Irma is no secret.

For awhile, whenever you turned on the television or logged onto the Internet, you couldn’t avoid the storm.  From ominous forecasts and on site reporters getting blown around in the wind to saddening images of the aftermath, much of the country was left with jaws agape watching the events unfold in Florida and the Caribbean.  Yet here we are. The storm has moved on and, at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, we’re doing our best to pick ourselves up and resume life as usual. Help Florida!

In the wake of such massive hurricanes people are often left wondering what, if anything, they can do to help.  Following storms such as Irma, it is common practice for visitors to shy away from the affected region for a variety of reasons.  The fact of the matter is, visiting a place post hurricane or natural disaster could be one of the most helpful things that you can do as a traveler.  Tourism is an essential part of Florida’s economy and, to be transparent, September 2017 has been one of the roughest months in recent memory for many tourism-based business.  Because of Hurricane Irma and Harvey’s impacts in Florida and Texas, the leisure and hospitality industries in these states suffered the loss of 111,000 jobs in the month of September alone.  The best way to help get these coastal states back on the upswing is through visiting them.

Help Florida… All we need is you!

Florida visitor numbers have plummeted in recent weeks for a variety of reasons, and we’re here to encourage you to help put a stop to that.  Largely due to the media, many potential travelers believe the entire state of Florida is devastated and, therefore, that their vacation would be a skeleton of what was initially planned.  However, every facility in Central Florida is operating normally and is still providing the high quality service and amenities that visitors expect in their vacations.  Additionally, many potential visitors feel an underlying sense of guilt by going on vacation where the local population may be suffering.  This was certainly the case following hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and is a valid concern.  Yet again, however, much of the state has not been totally destroyed.  There are still many places worth a visit in Florida, and every visitor that comes in the wake of a storm like Irma will help lift the economy and spirits of the entire state.

Come visit Florida!

In short, the best way to help the state of Florida following the landfall of Hurricane Irma is to visit.  Tourism is paramount to our economy and tourists and visitors are the key component of that.  By sticking to your original vacation, or planning one in the coming months, you will be helping out The Sunshine State more than you know and in the most fun way possible.  Now is the time to take a look at your calendars and available vacation time and plan a sunny Florida escape.  All across the state, and especially here at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, we’ll be waiting for you with open arms.

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