Looking for Lighthouses Near Treasure Bay Resort and Marina

Most folks that visit beach resorts in Florida are enamored with the magic and wonder of the ocean.  Of course, there are a number of things that draw visitors to St. Pete Beach hotels and the ocean.  

Beaches, boats, marine life, waves, and sunsets all top the list, but the more you experience Treasure Bay and ocean the more you want to learn.  This is a significant population of people out there that are particularly drawn to lighthouses for their scenic appeal, construction, purpose, and history.  

While there are not any historical lighthouses in the immediate vicinity of our Treasure Bay hotel, there are a few up and down the coast that are certainly worth a visit.

Egmont Key Lighthouse, State Park, and National Wildlife Refuge

Located at the mouth of Tampa Bay is the small island of Egmont Key – home to a lighthouse, state park, and national wildlife refuge that share the same name.  Florida became a state in 1845 and, shortly thereafter, built a lighthouse on Egmont Key to assist in maritime freight traffic between Key West and the Panhandle.  

This forty-foot tall lighthouse has a great history including excitement ranging from the Civil War to hurricanes and all things in between.  While requiring a boat ride to the island, this makes for a great day trip from your accommodations at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina.  

Visit Anclote Key Lighthouse, up to the Coast from your St. Pete Beach Hotels

Anclote Key Lighthouse is located, you guessed it, on Anclote Key in Anclote Key Preserve State Park.  This island is the largest of a handful of small islands that are found three miles off the coast of Tarpon Springs.   

This 96-foot tall cast iron frame was first put to use in 1887 and has been standing strong ever since.  Much like the Egmont Key Lighthouse, this structure and surrounding park are a worthy visit from any beach resorts in Florida and especially those just down the coast in Treasure Bay.  

Road Trip Down the Coast to the Boca Grande Rear Ridge Lighthouse

While young in comparison the Boca Grande Rear Ridge Lighthouse originally came from Delaware and was shipped to Florida in 1921 and started shining light on the surrounding waters in 1932.  This type of lighthouse works in conjunction with front range lights offshore to illuminate a shipping lane.  

If you are looking for a little road trip or to explore some more of the Florida Coast from your Treasure Bay hotel, consider stopping here to glean even more lighthouse knowledge.


The ocean is full of wonders and things to learn about, but if history is your thing than the towering lighthouses on Florida’s shores are a great place to start!

With a handful of historic lighthouses located up and down the coast from your St. Pete Beach hotels, the world is your oyster.  

Treasure Bay Resort and Marina is the perfect Treasure Bay hotel to call home while you explore the magic and history of Florida’s oceanfront.  

For more information on lighthouses in Florida, visit the site below!


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