The Sunshine State is full of beautiful, unique, and quirky towns. They line the Atlantic shore, occupy islands in the Caribbean, and dot the Gulf of Mexico coastline. Inland, there are breathtaking towns as well as epicenters for thrill rides and amusement parks.

Of all the places to visit, though, Treasure Island remains popular for snowbirds and those looking to enjoy some sunnier weather as escape from their colder climes. So, what makes Treasure Island, Florida so special? Each local and everybody that visits will provide a different answer to that question, and none of them are wrong. However, what follows are some of the hard facts that make Treasure Island such a wonderful place to visit and live.

Geography and Demographic

Treasure Island, Florida is located on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico – meaning it is about as close to being completely beachside as possible.

The total area of the city is 5.3 square miles, over 3.5 of which is water. This unique geographic situation allows for all visitors and locals to enjoy the beach virtually right out of their front doors.

Additionally, less than 7,000 people call Treasure Island home. That means our beaches are generally less crowded than elsewhere in The Sunshine State. Further, being such a small town, we are able to avoid the sometimes-overwhelming glitz and glamour that has overtaken other parts of Florida.

This makes our pocket of the Gulf of Mexico the perfect place to kick back, relax, and enjoy the sunshine in peace.


Part of what makes Treasure Island so special is its unique history. The area was originally settled in approximately 300 CE by local Native American tribes.

It earned its current moniker in the early 20th Century when local people buried, then pretended to discover, treasure on the beaches in order to boost property sales and development. This perhaps surprisingly actually had some impact, but things really started to boom after WWII and into the 1950s.

While early settlers buried fake treasure on our beaches, today it is very clear that the real treasure of Treasure Island does not come in a chest. The beautiful sunsets, pristine beaches, caring locals, eclectic restaurants, and vibrant nightlife are treasure enough – and the main reasons why so many of us call this place home and so many of you should come and visit.

Picking the right place to stay or explore in Florida can be daunting. However, one thing is for sure, you simply cannot go wrong when visiting Treasure Island, Florida. No matter the time of year we here at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina guarantee you will have a Sunshine State vacation that you will never forget.