Three Must Visit Museums in Tampa, Florida

Treasure Island has a lot going for it.  First time visitors are attracted to the area for the beautiful weather, uncrowded beaches, and a laid back Florida vibe, and these same qualities have them returning year in and year out.

At Treasure Bay Resort and Marina we feel blessed to call this place home, and we love nothing more than sharing it with others. We truly feel that Treasure Island is one of Florida’s best-kept secrets and, given its proximity to some major cities, we like to keep it that way.  That said, urban proximity is also one of the nice things about Treasure Bay Resort and Marina. Guests can enjoy the peace and quiet of our little section of beach while also having remarkable access to some fun and culture in the cities. Tampa is just up the road and is home to a lot of fun and unique places to explore on vacation.  Read on to learn more about three of our favorite Tampa museums.

The Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry has something for the entire family.  The Sky Trial Ropes Course is a great place for kids and adults alike to test their fear of heights and push their comfort zone, the state-of-the-art Saunders Planetarium is a great place to learn about the stars and the universe, and the countless other hands-on activities and exhibits provide a great way to escape the sun while learning and having fun in one of Tampa’s most fun museums.

The Tampa Bay History Center

The Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region of the United States often gets touted for having such great history, but don’t forget about Florida.  The history of The Sunshine State can be explored at the Tampa Bay History Center – housing exhibits on native people, pirates, Latin American influence, and more.  This museum also plays host to a variety of fun and unique events and rotating exhibitions, so be sure to check what is happening during your stay at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina.

The Glazer Children’s Museum

If you are on a family vacation and your kids are getting burnt out on the beach (or are maybe actually sunburned from the beach), take a day off and explore the Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa.  This award-winning museum has plenty of exhibits and activities for kids of all ages and will prove to be both an educational and fun break from the sunshine

While people don’t necessarily visit Treasure Island for the museums, it is a great perk.  There is a ton to do on vacation in our little slice of paradise, but if you need to catch your breath from the great outdoors then the Tampa museums can provide a great place to do so.  Of course, if you want to do nothing but lounge on the beach outside of Treasure Bay Resort and Marina for your entire stay, we can’t blame you. In fact, we’ll probably see you out there!

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