Humans aren’t the only ones feeling the summer drawing to a close and the cooler autumn months quickly approaching.  Further north than the Florida shore lined with St Pete beach hotels, animals of all shapes and sizes are preparing for the fall and winter months ahead.

For some that means adapting and preparing for hibernation while others will begin annual migrations to warmer climes. Birds, of course, are perhaps the most obvious of the migrators.

Species from all of the world will move from northern to southern latitudes as days get shorter and temperatures drop – providing exciting opportunities for both expert and fledgling birders alike to spot them somewhere along their migratory path.

At Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, one of the top St Pete beach hotels, this is something we look forward to each year.

Continue reading to learn more about what birds on-the-move you can expect to spot around Treasure Island, Florida this autumn.

Raptor Migration

Each fall, Florida residents and visitors alike get to witness raptors from around North America land in their wintering grounds or stop by on their way further south to Central or South America.

You can expect the raptor migration to reach its apex in October, but birds start moving through as early as September.

Many different types of hawks will pass through the state, as will turkey vultures, American kestrels, ospreys, harriers, and merlins.  If you work your way down to the Keys, keep your eyes peeled for the hundreds of peregrine falcons that pass through here as well.

Land Bird and Shorebird Migration

September is also the best month to catch migrating land birds and shorebirds in The Sunshine State.  The shorebirds are especially intriguing, as many young birds will pass through, still with their juvenile coloration.

Plovers, sandpipers, yellowlegs, godwits, whimbrels, and dowitchers will all move through the area, some of which are traveling from arctic regions to Florida and even further south.

Seabird Migration

Autumn in Florida is also the perfect time to pay attention to seabird migration.  If you enjoy the sea, trips out into the open ocean can be a beautiful place to spot birds on the move.

Jaegers, shearwaters, phalaropes, and pestrels start passing through coastal Florida and over the ocean and gulf in September and October.

Various species of gannets and terns can be spotted just off the coast or even onshore during the fall months, as they catch their breath from their long flight south!


While countless birds are passing through Florida during the fall and winter months, The Sunshine State is also home to thousands of snowbirds.

That is, humans trying to avoid the colder temperatures of northern latitudes and soak up some of that Floridian sun!

Whether you want to look for birds or be a snowbird yourself, Treasure Bay Resort and Marina is the place to be this fall.

Give us a call to reserve a room today, and start planning for your perfect cool weather getaway!