From lounging around in the sun all day to sipping cocktails on a beachside deck at sunset, Treasure Island, Florida is any vacationers dream.  However, your fun doesn’t need to stop when the sun goes down.

When is the best time for a Ghost Crab hunting?

As dusk hits on the Caribbean Coast, you can head to the beach one final time on the day to hunt for ghost crabs!

The summer months provide some of the best opportunities for crabbing, so book your Florida vacations, grab your flashlights and nets, and hit the beach at nightfall!

The best time to go for a hunt for these amazing creatures is between May and September.

What is a Ghost Crab?

Ghost crabs are small, nearly transparent crustaceans that spend their existence scuttling between the ocean and their burrows in the sand.  

When night falls, the crabs traverse the beach to reach the lapping waves in order to wet their gills. Depending on time and location, you could see hundreds of crabs on this nightly migration.

Who should hunt for ghost crabs?

Hunting for ghost crabs can be fun for the entire family, but it is especially enjoyable for the little ones.  Equal parts exciting and startling, there is nothing quite like watching your children get spooked and then chase down these funny little crustaceans.

Pack a flashlight to look for them and a small net to catch them, and you will be set up for hours of evening entertainment.

Typically larger crabs can be found higher up the beach and may even put up a little fight as you try and catch them.  Smaller crabs are closer to the water and move with fury to try and avoid your net!

If you do catch a ghost crab, they are not for eating! Treat each one with care as you examine it and marvel at this alien being. For some added fun, consider purchasing Illuminets or glow sticks to spice up the night.

Parents, bring your lawn chairs and a cold one so you can sit back with your toes in the sand watching your illuminated children run rampant on the beach after these tiny, yet marvelous, creatures!

The fun never stops in Treasure Island, Florida!  

From morning walks on the beach to nighttime crusades for ghost crabs, there is always something to do near your St. Pete Beach hotels. This summer is shaping up to be one for the record books, so waste no time in making a reservation at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina today!