Where to Stay in Florida for your next Sunshine State Vacation

As a destination, the state of Florida has a lot to offer its visitors.  From the Panhandle down to the Keys, the Sunshine State is filled with beautiful beaches, inspiring national parks, monuments, and preserves, amusement parks, and cities full of culture.  With such an overwhelming array of options, many potential visitors to our state are left wondering where to stay in Florida.

While the short answer is that you simply can’t go wrong, here at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina we are especially fond of the Gulf Coast near Tampa Bay.  

Of course, any local will argue for their special corner of the state but if you find yourself wondering where to stay in Florida we believe you simply can’t beat Treasure Island.

Find Fewer Crowds on Treasure Island

One of the best treasures of Treasure Island is the lack of crowds you will find in our bars and restaurants, on our roads, or at the beach.  Despite being near the metropolis of Tampa, most visitors to Florida are drawn to the panhandle further north or to Miami and the Keys further south.  

That leaves Treasure Island to enjoy all of the perks of being near a major city without the crowds and people that typically accompany it. For your vacation, that means you won’t have to fight for real estate on some of the best beaches and coastline in Florida.  

Enjoy Incredible Accessibility

As far as small Florida beach communities go, Treasure Island boasts incredible accessibility to a lot of great things.  It is easy to fly into the major airport in Tampa and only a short drive from Tampa to your own Gulf coast oasis. Treasure Island is also a short commute to a number of bustling fun Florida towns like St. Petersburg and Clearwater.  

If you are driving from elsewhere in the country and wondering where to stay in Florida, consider this: you would need to drive five more hours to get to Miami and eight more to get to the Keys. Meanwhile, Treasure Island boasts the same great accessibility to the beach and all of its fun accompanying activities as these other destinations, and yet it is much closer to home.  

The Gulf Coast

Everyone that has paid a visit to the Sunshine State has an opinion on which is better, the Atlantic or Gulf Coast.  Here at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, it’s a no brainer. The Gulf Coast is perfection. It is more protected than the Atlantic side, has warmer water and beautiful weather, and is home to the state’s best sunsets.  

Put all of these things together and you have the recipe for an unforgettable Florida beach vacation.


There is a lot to consider when thinking about where to stay in Florida.  For many, this is a taxing thing to think about. Here at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, we are sure that the answer is right in front of your eyes.  Give us a call today to make your reservation and you, too, will soon discover the obvious answer to the question where should I stay in Florida?

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