pexels-photo-67654The Sunscreen Film Festival is the longest running mainstream film festival in Tampa Bay. We love it because it brings a piece of Hollywood to St. Petersburg, FL, every year. This year’s festival will be April 28th-May 1st and has already announced it’s A-list of celebrities confirmed to attend the 4-day festival. Gary Busey and Paul Sorvino are just a couple of names among other notable film makers and directors from Lionsgate and other major entertainment companies that are also expected to attend the festival.

The highly acclaimed film festival will include independent film screenings, workshops, and special events at various venues throughout St. Petersburg. Our hotel is located 10.4 miles away from the St. Petersburg area making this event one that our guests should take advantage of while in town, especially if you are a movie buff. Day passes and VIP passes are available on the Sunscreen Film Festival website for screenings, parties, and more. Of course, you can always just head to St. Petersburg for some star sightings.

Photo Credit: Martin Foskett vis