Tack a Theme Park onto your Treasure Bay Vacation

The state of Florida is known for a lot of things.  Sunshine and beaches are arguably the geographical features that put this state on the map, but theme parks have also become a regional claim to fame.  While there are no theme parks in the immediate vicinity of Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, there are a few within a short drive from your Treasure Island hotel.

The closest, and arguably one of the best in the state, is Busch Gardens in Tampa.  Just a day trip from your Treasure Bay hotel, this park has it all.  

From major thrills to family-friendly activities, Busch Gardens could be the perfect addition to your Treasure Bay resort vacation.   

Check out the below rides for some of the most thrilling options that this world-class theme park has to offer!

SheiKra: An Undisputed Favorite

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Ask anybody what their favorite ride is at Busch Gardens, and you are likely to hear one ride far more often than any other.  Sheikra.

 Many theme park lovers that stay in Treasure Bay make it a point to visit Busch Gardens to ride this thrilling coaster.   From the top of a 90-degree drop you are awarded with sweeping views of Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, before diving 200 feet and letting the 3-minute ride take over.  

Another 138-foot drop waits, as well as many big, magnificent turns that provide ample rush with minimal motion sickness potential.  If big thrills are on your tick list for your Treasure Bay hotel vacation, bump Sheikra to the top of that list.  

Montu: 3 Minutes of Free Flying Fun over Treasure Bay

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Montu is arguably the top choice for riders who enjoy free flying coasters where your feet dangle and are okay with getting a bit dizzy.  

The nature of hanging coasters creates the feeling of being whipped around and sent to the moon, as opposed to the push or lift you feel from classically structured rides.  

At 65 miles per hour, and with 3 separate corkscrews and a ton of other fun features, Montu is undoubtedly worth the wait – especially after making the visit from your Treasure Island hotel.

Gwazi: Homage to Wooden Coasters of the Past

Built in 1999, Gwazi is a tribute to the wooden roller coasters of an easier time, and this one does not disappoint.  There is something about the rattle of wooden tracks and the nostalgia of getting your brain and body jostled that draws people to these old school coasters.  

However, the majority of Busch Gardens’ patrons flock to the big name coasters of the park making laps on the likes of Gwazi and others easy and rewarding.  

After driving in from Treasure Bay, don’t overlook this classic as you work your way around the park.  

While relaxing on the beach is a must do for any Treasure Bay hotel vacation, Florida has much more to offer.  And, if adrenalin is your thing, you’re in the right spot.  Take a beach break from your Treasure Bay Resort and Marina vacation, make the short ride up to Busch Gardens, and buckle in for a day of thrills!

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