Everyone loves a good vacation! The anticipation of deciding where to go, finding those dates that fall perfectly into your busy schedule, and planning out your itinerary are just the beginning of all the fun!

While planning a vacation can be exciting and fun, there is one part, in particular, that is often responsible for the most stress: the budget.

Planning your stay to Treasure Island Resorts

Planning a vacation your entire family will love on a tight budget is not an easy task. There are travel expenses, lodging expenses, and that doesn’t even include the money you’ll spend on local fun and souvenirs. We believe your dream vacation is totally attainable on a tight budget, especially if you choose to stay at Treasure Bay!

Here are a few tips on how to save some cash during your travels to a Treasure Island beach.

Stay during our offseason

Depending on the time of year you decide to take your vacation, you could save some money. Treasure Bay often offers discounts for guests traveling in the winter or spring.

Our hotel also offers discounts for deciding to add extra nights to your stay.  When booking your stay, be sure to keep an eye out for these discounts as the savings could really add up in the long run!

There are a lot of benefits to traveling in the offseason, including fewer people interrupting your sunbathing on one of the nearby beaches.

Take advantage of our free breakfast buffet

If your breakfast style is indulgent and a little heavy on the carbs, we have bacon, donuts, bagels, potatoes, and muffins that will satisfy any craving.

On the other hand, we have lighter options like yogurt and fresh fruit, too.

Because we love our guests, we want to give you the special treatment, and free, hot breakfast is one small way to show we care.

Make lunch your main meal (and eat like a local)

Eating out is a major expense on any trip, and one way to cut back on that expense is to make lunch your main meal of the day. Many restaurants have special lunch prices with portion sizes that are only slightly smaller than dinner portions.

Another way to save is to skip the tourist trap restaurants and eat where the locals do! Ask our front desk for some recommendations on the best places to eat in the area. They’ll be sure to take care of you!

Vacation with people you love that would be willing to split the cost with you

Vacations aren’t just for families! A trip to Treasure Bay is the perfect excuse to grab your girls or make a “guys’ trip” and make memories with your friends.

The suites at our hotel are the perfect place for a group of friends to spread out and crash after a long day exploring the nearby beaches.

Look for free ways to have fun during your stay

One obvious way to enjoy some free fun during your is to play at the beach!

Lucky for our guests, there is a Treasure Island beach just across the street from our hotel.

Our hotel is also located near St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay, both areas that feature a lot of sightseeing, beautiful parks, and free museums.


Traveling on a budget might seem like a huge challenge or hurdle to overcome, but these five easy steps are ways that will be sure to make your vacation feel like a real vacation!