The beaches of Treasure Island attract visitors from across the world, and it’s no surprise why.  With beautiful weather, an unspoiled and uncrowded waterfront, and activities for everyone, visiting Treasure Island Beach hotels makes for the perfect vacation.  Sunbathing, swimming, and watersports are a great way to spend a vacation, but there is something special about simply walking the beach, looking for seashells, and enjoying a sunset.  Read on to learn more about some of our favorite marine treasures that you may find on the beaches near Treasure Bay Resort and Marina and other Treasure Island beach hotels.

Stumbling upon Spiral Worm Shells

If you are walking along the beach and spot a spiral shaped something poking out of the sand, make sure to stop and take a closer look! Chances are you just stumbled upon a worm shell – a really cool and hard to find shell.  When alive these creatures typically live inside sponges under the ocean’s surface.  As they discard their shells, lucky beachcombers are afforded the chance to add a beautiful specimen to their collection!

Tracking down the Common Baby’s Ear

These small shells are a little more common on our Treasure Island beaches and can often be found with many other small, beautiful counterparts.  The Common Baby’s Ear is a white oblong shell that, you guessed it, has a slight resemblance to that of a human’s ear.  These members of the Moon Shell family are carnivorous snails when alive but leave beautiful angelic shells behind after they die.  

Finding the Coral Reef Architects

Coral reefs are living, breathing, organisms that provide support for much of the underwater world.  The primary architects of these underwater universes are hard corals, which are comprised of small marine animals called coral polyps.  These organisms create skeletons out of limestone and, if you are lucky, you can find pieces of these washed up on beaches in Florida and around the world.  Hard corals can be found in all shapes and sizes and make for a beautifully abstract addition to any sea treasure collection!

It’s easy to get absorbed with all of the fun things to do near Treasure Island beach hotels.  Here at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, however, we also like to encourage our guests to take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy quiet and peaceful walks on the beach during their stay.  Not only will you stumble upon some beautiful treasure of the sea, but you will also discover the peace and tranquility that should accompany any Florida beach vacation.