Treasure Island, Florida: 16 Reasons It Earned a Spot on TripAdvisor’s Top 20 List

Treasure Island, Florida: 16 Reasons It Earned a Spot on TripAdvisor’s Top 20 List

Sure, we all know Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Daytona. But the Gulf Coast of Florida also has its award-winning beaches. One you may not have thought about is the quaintly named Treasure Island. In 2021, Trip Advisor named it the 16th best in the country. With over 97,000 miles of shoreline in the U.S., that’s a pretty impressive designation. Here’s why it’s so amazing:

  1. Location. It’s less than 20 minutes from downtown St. Pete and only 40 minutes from the Tampa International Airport but it feels a world away.
  2. Sunsets. Here in Treasure Island, we’re on the eastern side of the Gulf of Mexico. That means our sun sets over the water. We have some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.
  3. Lapping waves. The Gulf is usually a “gentle” body of water. The waves are smaller than what you experience in either the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. This makes it a family-friendly spot where even small children can enjoy water play.
  4. Sugary beaches. Our sand is powdery fine and a beautiful golden white.
  5. Shells. Treasure Island is a great place to find small shells like scallops. There are also several tour operators that take you to barrier islands where you can find even more ocean treasures.
  6. Dolphin watching. Dolphins love our waters and you’ll often see them frolicking along our shores as you stand on the beach or drive by the water.
  7. Sea turtles. The Gulf Coast is known for its nesting sea turtles. If you’re here between March through October, you might be lucky to see the babies as they make their long trek to the water.
  8. Local bars. Although Treasure Island offers a family-friendly atmosphere, it also has several fun, local bars with live music and great atmosphere.
  9. Delicious upscale and casual dining. No matter what you’re in the mood for, whether it be an upscale restaurant for a special celebration or a casual place for good seafood after a long day at the beach, Treasure Island has it.
  10. Okay, this one may make you laugh but Treasure Island also has a Publix grocery store across from the beach. It’s ideal for picking up those little things you need. It’s in walking distance of the hotels so you can leave your car where it is.
  11. Weddings. Our pristine beaches are also a great place to get married.
  12. Location Pt. 2. Treasure Island is located along a strip of amazing beach towns. It’s fun and easy to get out and explore.
  13. Friday Morning Market. During the months of December-April visitors can enjoy the works of local artisans and farm fresh goodies at our outdoor market.
  14. Events. There’s always something going on in Treasure Island from car shows to the Sanding Ovations Master’s Cup for sand sculpture. There are events for everyone’s interests.
  15. We have a lot of water and fish gotta eat. From fishing charters to surf fishing, bridges to sea walls, there’s a lot of opportunity to get your pole in the water.
  16. Yes, Treasurer Island was voted 16th in the country for best beach but it’s still somewhat of a hidden gem. You will enjoy plenty of room on our beach. The beach does occasionally get busier but nothing like what you see up north or in other parts of Florida. There’s plenty of room to walk, play ball, or just enjoy your space. Come check it out for yourself.

But if you’re coming to Treasure Island you don’t want to spend your vacation driving. Instead, stay in the midst of it all at Treasure Bay Resort and Marina. Visitors love our waterway views from their balconies because they feel personally connected to the peaceful surroundings. They enjoy watching the majestic boats and playful dolphins. Treasure Bay will make you feel like an islander, whether you choose to become one for a few days or the rest of your life.

Once you visit, you’ll never want to leave. We see it as our job to make sure you know why we were voted one of the best beaches in the nation.

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