Treasure Island is the perfect getaway for beach bums and adrenaline junkies alike. With about three miles of beach, there is plenty of room to sprawl out and tan in the sun or jet ski and go parasailing high in the sky. Because of where Treasure Island sits, it is easy to access Boca Ciego Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The more beaches the merrier! And what pairs nicely with a day at the beach? A beachside patio for food and drink.

Brief history

Back in the 4th century, Treasure Island was originally settled by the Timucuan Indians. Spanish explorers Ponce de Leon and Panfilio de Narvaez, motivated by gold and the Fountain of Youth, forced the Indians off the island in 1528. When no gold or fountain was to be seen, the explorers left, and the island was vacant. In the 18th century, pirates and smugglers found salvation in the unoccupied Gulf Coast Island but by the 19th century, villagers had stumbled upon the remote coastline and settled in, shooing the pirates out. In 1908, Thomas F. Pierce bought Treasure Island from Florida for $1.25 per acre.

Some interesting facts about TI

The name “Treasure Island” drums up images of hidden treasure and pirates on a quest to find it, doesn’t it? The idealists may believe the name comes from John Levique, a French pirate who hid his treasure on the island. Realists speculate that a rumour about finding pirates’ lost treasure on the island was spread by property owners to lure tourists far and wide to visit. One fact we know for sure is that Treasure Island is an island. A small island, but an island nonetheless. It is located on a barrier island of the Gulf of Mexico. Nearly entirely beachside, over 65% of Treasure Island is water.

Best time to visit

This depends on your tolerance to heat. November through April are perfectly warm. Not too hot, not too cold, and the storm season is over. The summer is hot, hot, hot. June through August are the hottest, most humid months on Treasure Island. If you brave the heat, the 4th of July and two Saturdays of every month in the summer have free street performers and live music for the whole family to enjoy.

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