When it comes to American family vacations, a couple of classic opportunities consistently come to mind. Road trips, national park visits, and amusement parks are all commonplace, but nothing quite compares to the relaxation, fun, and adventure of a Florida family vacation at a Florida beach resort. When searching for places to stay for your Treasure Island vacation with your family, look no further than Treasure Bay Resort and Marina. Our affordable yet luxurious accommodations, combined with proximity to anything and everything you would want to experience on your Florida family vacation, make Treasure Bay the natural choice. Read on to discover just some of the many options that await you from our top-tier Florida beach resort.

Beach Paradise

The beaches are obviously the biggest attraction in our little slice of heaven, and Treasure Bay Resort and Marina is the perfect jumping-off point to experience the best the gulf has to offer. While located on Treasure Island Beach, there are countless other beaches accessible – many of which are considered some of the best in Florida. Each one seems to be more expansive and beautiful than the next, and all have a reputation for safety.

Beach Parks and Playgrounds

Sand family drawing

In addition to having your feet in the sand, many of the beaches and coastal areas around Treasure Bay boast incredible beach parks and play areas for the kids. Whether you take advantage of these as a family or swap shifts so each adult can enjoy some quiet rest and relaxation, the beach parks and playgrounds provide a fun and memorable way to make the most of your Florida family vacation.

Family Friendly Restaurants

Eating well is a critical component of any family vacation, and thankfully Treasure Island and the St. Petersburg areas are chock full of family-friendly restaurants. Many of our favourites boast delicious adult menus with plenty of kid-friendly options as well. Of course, if you and your partner want to dip out for a romantic getaway while on your Treasure Island vacation there are countless higher-end options as well.

Ample Water Activities

Half the fun of vacationing on the beach in Florida comes from spending time on the water, and no matter the size of your family or the age of your kids there are options available for you to maximize ocean time. Splashing in the waves is always a good time, and if you would like to get a bit further out consider renting kayaks or paddleboards to explore offshore. If you are feeling even more adventurous, you can look into the many parasailing, jet-skiing, or boating options available to you!

The Alligator and Wildlife Discovery Center


Spending day in and day out on the beach can be surprisingly exhausting, as you bake in the sun and sand for hours on end. At Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, we like to recommend a “rest day” from all of your beach time by intentionally exploring somewhere else and getting out of the sun – especially if you are visiting from the northern latitudes. One of our favourite off-beach vacation options is The Alligator and Wildlife Discovery Center. Here, you and your family can experience some of the incredible wildlife that calls Florida home and does so in a safe, but close, environment.

Nothing beats a Florida beach resort vacation, and in terms of comfort, affordability, and activities you simply cannot do better than Treasure Bay Resort and Marina! Whether you are planning an immediate getaway or looking to escape to sunny Florida sometime later this year, give Treasure Bay a call and make your reservation today!