If you’re traveling south this winter to flee the colder, you probably have a vision or two of the things you’re looking forward to. Sunshine that’s invitingly warm instead of glary. Mornings where you can’t see your breath in the air. Daylight that lingers at least a little past dinner.

Close your eyes, and you can almost feel it, right?

That said, when you go from a cold climate to a hot one, your preparations should go beyond a plane ticket and a place to stay. There are a few simple packing tips and things to keep in mind as you make your sunny dreams a reality.

Leave your heavy coats at home

Your plan is going to take off in frigid weather. However, when you land at your final destination, you’ll walk out into much warmer temperatures.

So, instead of your winter jacket, start off with a light garment like a hoodie or a sweater. After removal, they can be easily wrapped around your waist or over your shoulders. (Plus, if nights are cool or breezy, they might be a welcome addition to your wardrobe.)

Explore layering techniques

Another practical way to address this sudden climate change is to layer your tops. Perhaps a stylish blouse under your chic vest. A long-sleeved t-shirt over a tank top. Or whatever combination of your favorite summer wear piques your interest.

You can do something similar with the bottom half of your wardrobe. A great tip is to wear tights underneath a pair of shorts. They’ll keep you warm on your trip. Then, after you remove them on the airplane or in the airport, you’re fully prepared to soak up some sun.

Bring a small blanket

Remember the good old days when flight attendants handed out blankets to all the passengers? Some airlines still do this, but you can also bring your own.

The best move is to pack up an old blanket you don’t mind discarding. Or, if that’s not an option, find a cheap-but-cozy one from Target or Walmart. Whichever you choose, you’ll appreciate the extra warmth and comfort while you’re in the air.

Choose a selective wardrobe

All that said, these suggestions don’t mean you need to budget for an extra suitcase. Nor do you need to hunt down a local laundromat. Instead, plan to wear the clothes you bring more than once. (We won’t tell how many times we see that lovely top. Promise.)

If you’re worried about getting bored, scheme up ways to mix-and-match your outfits. You might discover that your vacation is the perfect time to demo the combination you’ve been too scared to try at home.

Drink plenty of water

Taking care of yourself isn’t just a matter of packing well. You need to keep in mind that your body needs time to acclimatize to the warmer weather.

While you’re traveling, start by drinking lots of water. And then keep up these hydration habits as you settle into your vacation. This simple measure will help you avoid overheating and sunstroke, two ailments that can really derail your fun in the sun.

Visit Treasure Bay Resort & Marina This Winter

Here’s the thing: once you arrive in Treasure Island, our team at Treasure Bay Resort & Marina has everything else covered. We can’t help you pack, but we can make sure that your stay is relaxing. It’s what we’re proud to do.

Call us today or book your stay online. We look forward to hosting your winter getaway.